How it Works

Order your For Food Sake Delivery Now!

Locally sourced restaurant quality fresh food to Heat@Home delivered across Dunfermline, West Fife and South Queensferry


1. Pick your Order

We have a variety of menu’s you can choose from including our very popular Mexican menu and Create Your Own set menu.  We are happy for you to mix menu’s allowing you (and your guests) a wider variety of choices.

We deliver across Dunfermline, West Fife and South Queensferry.  We require approximately 24 hours’ notice on orders.  Outside of our delivery area or looking to place an order at short notice? Please get in touch, we’ll always try to do what we can for you.

If you have any allergy, we kindly ask that you inform us when ordering, we are more than happy to make some adjustments if we can.


2. Receive your Delivery

Upon confirmation of your order and receipt of your payment (generally by bank transfer or Paypal), you will receive a 2 hour timeslot on your requested delivery date. 

All dishes are freshly made with prime ingredients and have a 2 day use by date (so pop them in the fridge when they arrive on a Friday and have the weekend to enjoy hot food at your convenience!).   


3. Heat@Home

Dishes have been timed to perfection so all you have to do is follow the simple heating instructions provided on the package.

Ingredients (including allergens), are detailed on the main dish labels along with a use by date based on the date of preparation.

Most dishes are cover with tin foil and place in oven for approximately 30 mins.  We find covering dishes with tin foil beneficial in the reheating process, however it is not necessary, and can still be enjoyed without.


4. Enjoy your Meal

Once piping hot, allow to cool and transfer to your plate.  You don’t even have to tell anyone you didn’t make it!

Tip: Finished your starter and realise you won’t manage your full main course?  We recommend portioning your food prior to heating so you can eat it “the next day” or “take it for lunch”.